Creative Futures

At the beginning of the month the University suspended normal lectures for one week only, in an attempt to broaden our knowledge of the working worlds we were training to become a part of. How successful they were at it depends on who you ask, but personally I quite enjoyed Mondays activity of splitting off into random groups to produce marketable shtuff – always nice to meet new people. I wonder what happened to those things? They were supposed to be on eBay somewhere… must remember to check. dat. sheet. owt.

The poster above shows the cubes that we were encouraged to design for a competition that ran along-side Creative Futures week – the idea being to use the cube to market yourself/your ideas/your ethics etc.
I didn’t do this, but I somehow managed to win anyway… I’m sure this might have peeved some people off… but who cares? I won ^__^

Here be a couple of pikchars of my finished coob:

The eagle-eyed Action Men amongst you will have spotted that this appears to look like a dead Garfield (creator: Jim Davis) – And you would be correct, well done. *pats collective backs*

For those of you who are too busy hiding under rocks in dark caves to know who Garfield is, here’s a nice pic and a link to his Wiki page. Now run along and play with your balloon.

Some of you might be thinking: “How can he use someone Else’s character to market himself?”  – And as ‘shut-it’ isn’t really an acceptable answer, here’s an entirely fabricated interview explaining my logic. Or complete lack of.

DAILY TELEGRAPH: So Chris, first of all, let me congratulate you on you’re winning design; “John’s revenge” – well done!
CHRIS: Thank you.
DT: So, do you think you could explain to us what you’ve depicted here? Who is ‘John’ for example?
C: ‘John’ would be the often tortured, constantly harassed and completely exasperated owner of Garfield the Cat, a fat, lazy, lasagne-loving cartoon cat famed for his dry wit and sarcasm. In my piece I’ve depicted a scene where at some point previously Garfield has pushed John just one step too far, and has suffered the wrath of a poisoned lasagne – the most delicious of all assassinations.
DT: I… see. A little Morbid don’t you think?
C: I have a preoccupation with the notion of death… it’s the only thing people wait their entire lives to experience. Some days I can’t wait to see if the wait was worth waiting for.
DT: That’s a rather stereotypical view for an art student to take isn’t it?
DT: Moving on… what made you decide to enter the Creative Futures Competition?
C: I did it to impress a girl.
C: What? Are you serious?
*whisper whisper*
C: (Will you stop it, you’re making me hungry) Fine, I entered because I wanted to make a statement with my art, broadcast my talents and get noticed. And junk.
DT: But you’ve used someone elses character – how can that be marketing yourself?
C: – have you been reading my blog? Listen, I went hunting in Poundland for some inspiration, and I saw this fake cat tail sticking out of a little bag of cat-nip. It reminded me of Garfields tail so my brain just ran with it – simple as that. I even gave the bag of cat-nip to the gilr at the till, as I didn’t want it. The fact that the tail was straight gave me the idea of making him Dead… the idea seemed funny in my head, so I figured I’d give the judges a giggle.
C: CHRIST! Ok fine! Really, Garfield as a character is such a parody of my everyday life -with his love of sleep, TV, Italian food- that i thought he would work best as a representative of myself… sort of an Avatar if you will (or something). By using a well recognised comic character, I can not only link my work to the medium he belongs in, but demonstrate my own, slightly darker artistic take on an already established franchise, showing inspiration and flexibility through adaptation of existing design. (How was that?)
DT: And finally, you won an ipod yes? You young people just love those little widgets don’t you!
C: Firstly, as I seem to be older than most people I know, I’m probably older than you too, so you can shove that ‘young people’ remark right up your -EDITED-, and secondly, the ipod itself was about half the size of a bourbon biscuit, so to avoid losing it I sold it too my housemate. Well, I say sold…
DT: Now that you’ve had your photograph taken once, you qualify to be on “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!” – would you ever go on reality television?
C: I’d rather eat my own balls.

There, Hope that clears everything up.

The guy who picked out the winning cube was one of the guest speakers at Creative Futures week; fellow illustrator and all round nice fella, Mr Jonathan Edwards. So nice was he in fact, that he replied to an email i sent him and had these nice things to say about my piece:

“Hi Chris
Glad you liked the talk. It was a bit of a ramble depending on what sprung to mind as I was going through my “slides”. Probably better that way than some rehearsed speech, I s’pose.
Your cube was by far the most accomplished. There were a few that were technically good and a few that did something interesting with the template and yours did both. Did you win an iPod nano or something? Good work.
Feel free to email me anytime for advice. The only way you learn certain things is to ask someone who’s already done them. Stuff they don’t teach you in uni.
Thanks for emailing,
Cheers Jon 🙂
And while I ripped on him a bit during the lecture for his terrible taste in music (Black Eyed Peas Jon? REALLY?) I found a picture of The White Stripes in the illustration section of his website ( so all is forgiven.
As mentioned in the ‘interview’, there IS a picture of me accepting my prize… and i look monsterous…

About christofurr

I am an Illustrator currently in the third and final year of an Illustration For Graphic Novels course at Glyndwr University, Wrexham (UK). I do all kinds of commission work, from poster to portraits. Fell free to have a nose around this blog and any of my other sites - be warned, Twitter updates may be totally and completely irrelevant and naughty - and please feel free to contact my email address with any queries about my work :)

2 responses to “Creative Futures”

  1. loobieloopig23 says :

    I dont no were to start 🙂 …. so i wont…. ill save the praises as you get too many as it is 😛 well done tho mr saunders….. biting my tongue as i say it 😛 hehe x

  2. rajatapaus says :

    That thing was amazing! Good thinking!

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