The latest brief from Mister Dan Berry was to write a Manifesto for our future goals as Graphic Novelists (at least, that’s what I ended up writing – I guess I’ll find out how wrong I’ve got it next week). As I’ve learned from previous life experience, planning things in advance usually ends in disaster, so I’ve attempted to be realistic and keep the cynicism to a minimal.

I failed horribly.


I want to be rich. This has been my chief goal since the age of 11, and I’m willing to bend a long way to reach it. Not all the way over though, as I actually happen to quite like beans on toast, and can live off it for a while.

My art is important to me, and I intend to always maintain a high standard no matter what mindless-drivel I may be forced to illustrate for during these baked bean eating moments of hardship. It is my hope that this level of professionalism will one day earn me the sort of reputation that will lift me from the dregs, and into the realm of ‘real work’.

I would like a reasonable degree of fame, preferably as an artist/creative type, so that I can at least retain a modicum of respect.

It is one of my goals to illustrate, even if only once for a small publication, within Marvel Comics.

Another of my goals is to appear on Television, if only once. This doesn’t have to be art related at all, I just think it should be done.

I would like to one day be as inspiring to others as those I find inspiring today.

I would like, at the end of the three years I have invested for University, to finally have the piece of paper that tells the world OFFICIALLY, that I know what I’m doing, and that I’m actually pretty damn good at it.

I would like to someday, become a freelance illustrator, with dog at foot, tea at hand and record playing. People will come to ME for work, as let’s face it, no-one draws *BLANK* like Chris Saunders.

I would like to have defined a go-to style by the end of my time at University, but not to be trapped in it. I want people to see a piece of my work and say: “That’s unmistakably Chris Saunders’ work” without them realising this because all my work looks the same.


I would like to be invited to speak at Cardiff University about my work to the current students, only so that I can tell the arrogant, pretentious prick in charge of the Illustration department that he can stick the offer where he obvious likes to keep rods, bugs and his much flaunted Drama degree.

I would like to one day punch my A-level Graphics tutor in the face, and know that my achieved level of respectable fame will protect me from assault charges.

I would like to meet and hug Rolf Harris before either one of us goes to the big mandatory-fence riddled landscape in the sky.

I would like to repeat the previous statement with Keeley Hazel, replacing the word ‘hug’ and the sentence ‘before either one of us goes to the big manitory-fence riddled landscape in the sky’ with the word ‘pork’ and the sentence ‘upon the world’s largest bouncy castle’.


About christofurr

I am an Illustrator currently in the third and final year of an Illustration For Graphic Novels course at Glyndwr University, Wrexham (UK). I do all kinds of commission work, from poster to portraits. Fell free to have a nose around this blog and any of my other sites - be warned, Twitter updates may be totally and completely irrelevant and naughty - and please feel free to contact my email address with any queries about my work :)

One response to “Manifestoval”

  1. christofurr says :

    Retract the statement about Keeley Hazel – she’s nothing compared to Lucy, whom I love very much 🙂

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