Back to the Creative Futures…

Blogging again – how I loath it… still, I have SPACED on and there the promise of a fish finger sandwich yet to come in the front of my brain, so let’s get on with it…


It’s Creative Futures week again, and it started heavy on the animation side of things, but this did at least introduce me to the wonderful work of Barry Purves. Barry, told us, among many other things, that he started life off as an actor, and just one day decided that animation looked like his cup of tea, and so he drank deep. His message could of been: Don’t worry kids, Uni isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – and if it was, it was beautifully demonstrated by Glyndwr’s laughably consistent failure to operate even the simplest of machines – this time being a laptop-to-speaker sound system. In between straining to hear the speech and cradling my bleeding ears from the feedback he showed us a few interesting video’s – there were a few  odd one’s, like The Sound Of Music (ouch) some bizzare dance clips (err) and these:

John and Karen – directed by Matthew Walker

And he introduced me to War Horse, a broadway adaptation of a book by Michael Morpurgo

The former really impressed me with the way the animators managed to convey such human expressions and mannerisms on the animal faces, and the latter just blew my mind with the amazing puppetry of the horse itself – I’ve never seen anything like it. Freeze-frames of the horse being operated could be pretty useful for drawing horses in movement, and I love to see the play itself, but apparently it’s almost impossible to get hold of the tickets… and to be honest if I was going to fight tooth and nail for a ticket, it would probably be for Glastonbury.

Barry had a nice, booming voice that reminded me at times of a reverend addressing his flock… an illusion shattered at regular intervals by casual mentions of getting naked in Manchester, or photographing a bus full of naked women (was that him?) but however wierded out I might have been, the moment I found out he was partly responsible for creating The Wind In The Willows tv series, he had a fan for life – I loved that show 🙂


And for info not raped from Youtube, here’s a linky to his site:


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I am an Illustrator currently in the third and final year of an Illustration For Graphic Novels course at Glyndwr University, Wrexham (UK). I do all kinds of commission work, from poster to portraits. Fell free to have a nose around this blog and any of my other sites - be warned, Twitter updates may be totally and completely irrelevant and naughty - and please feel free to contact my email address with any queries about my work :)

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