Vinyl Research 2 (The B Side)


For the second batch of my research into vinyl cover design, I decided to raid my parents attic over the easter holiday. Although they had less than I expected (there had apparantly been some ‘thinning’ at some point) between my mum, dad, and a box of my Aunty’s 45’s I found more than enough to fill another blog entry. The latter of those three sources provided the 5 photographed above – an original Beatles 45, a couple of childrens 45’s (one of which was a cheerful orange colour – how nice) and two PAPER 45’s, which were given away in newspapers and cereal boxes! It seems bizzare to me that these actually work, so i’m itching to get it home and try it out (I’m also itching because my parents are watching ‘Filthy Cities’ on the telly – gross…)

Above are three albums by the 70’s prog-rock band YES, upon which are the amazing paintings of illustrator/designer Roger Dean
Whether the success of the band was due to these amazing covers or the music I’ve no idea, they were well before my time, but the artwork IS amazing, and I’ve often used them as research/inspiration for my Dragon-related projects. They would be great for alien landscape illustrations too…

Little something extra for former YES guitarist Steve Howe


Rounding off The 70’s pop we have two photo’s of Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy by Elton John – the first being the whole,amazingly elaborate and over-the-top affair, and the second a close up of the illustration on the back. I love how completely barmy and camp this design is – it seems to fully encapsulate Elton’s style of music, and as it was apparantly the first British album to ever reach the top of the US chart, kind of appropriate I think, bringing a little british eccentricity to those uneducated yanks 😛 The album’s also an autobiography of sorts, with Elton being the titular Captain, and one of the songs (“Somebody Saved My Life Tonight”) is even about his struggles with depression and suicide… how about that?

The other two are from an album by E.L.O (Electric Light Orchestra) and features the now iconic ‘flying saucer’ based on the bands logo, which was in turn based on an old jukebox. Other than the obvious Sci-Fi element here, what I like about the design is how as you look inside the album, you’re also ‘looking inside’ the saucer.


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