Self-promotional Postcards

First week back at Uni and we are set a week long brief – which would have been fine and dandy if I hadn’t taken most of the week to decide what to actually draw… >.< However, after 4 days of random scribbles I realised that, rather than trying to come up with an image full of new characters, why not raid the countless folders I already have FULL of old characters, hardly any of which are online on ether here or my Deviantart page, and if no-one can see them, what was the point?

I decided to redraw an old character of mine, Wikken, a young witch, and her cat Cromwell, as I always found them fun to draw, and it’s about time they got some attention. I also decided to feature her older brother Remus (might change his name to avoid potter-heads) his familiar Hemmingway and The King Of Cats, a pesky deity who likes to follow Wikken and Cromwell around (but not in a creepy way…) – this is where I made my SECOND mistake – adding so many characters made the picture, and the layers of the picture, so much more complicated… I should have kept it clean and simple. Rounding off the characters is H.E.X, a mystic orb containing the spirits of Wikken’s Aunt (Helena) and 2 Uncles (Edgar and Xander) who acts as a tutor/guide to the mystic arts for the young witch. H.E.X’s members represent three different elements (Air, Fire and Earth respectively) and I use different colours to represent this, thereby giving me three different coloured postcard variations.

Despite being up until half 5 in the morning finishing it due to early indecision and bad planning, I’m really pleased with the finished piece – I got it to my tutor within the deadline, AND posted it up on the WeDrawStuff blog before the start of the next week – go me 🙂

Final Postcard Designs 




A finally, all three finished designs together (click to embiggen, and to restore colours to their original design – WordPress does something weird with the colours of CMYK files)

During my first designs of these characters, Helena had a blue colour scheme, but this made her look to me like her element should be Water, so I changed it to yellow here with a bit of blue to represent a sunny sky. I also did another version with even more blue on, but I can’t decide what looks best – please let me know which one you prefer…

And finally, I’ll just include the line-work for Remus and the King Of Cats, and some of the original designs for Wikken that I must have done about 6 or 7 years ago so you can see how much (or how little?) my style has changed 🙂


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