Book Bags

Last week Printer John (this is his actual name) came in and set those of us that were interested a short brief; to create an illustration to go on the front of some new Glyndwr book bags for the university. The design he showed us as an example was just a simple ‘g’ from the Glyndwr logo, but as it inspired a similar idea of my own, I thought I’d give it a go…

Glyndwr University logo

 Original Linework

 Printable Version

The black was meant to make it clearer that the shape the books make is a ‘g’ but the image loses a lot of the finer detail – of course, this is meant to be a screen-print design, so it could be that even now the linework is too fine, but as I’ve only ever screen-printed on paper, I’m not sure how well it comes across on material… or come to think of it, exactly what material the book bags will be made of! I thought maybe they might be Canvas bags, so I knocked up a few prototypes, this time in red…

Red Design on Canvas

Inverted Design

Finished Product Mock-Up (Canvas bag photo found here)

Looking at it from a distance like that, I’m quite pleased with the finished design, it’s simple, but links with the University as a brand, and the books are an indication of both education in general, and the actual contents. It’s not particularly imaginative, but it does the job.

John never set a deadline for this project, so if I have time, maybe I’ll try a more… alternative design. We’ll see.




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About christofurr

I am an Illustrator currently in the third and final year of an Illustration For Graphic Novels course at Glyndwr University, Wrexham (UK). I do all kinds of commission work, from poster to portraits. Fell free to have a nose around this blog and any of my other sites - be warned, Twitter updates may be totally and completely irrelevant and naughty - and please feel free to contact my email address with any queries about my work :)

2 responses to “Book Bags”

  1. smw says :

    Love it! I would buy one. :3

  2. Julie says :

    the book bags we use for school are a fairly tough waterproof fabric and the design has to be fairly simple – though they do wording on it so it cant be that hard! Loving both the red final designs!

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