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New Website!

WIDTL Hompage 01

After lots of putting it off, and struggling with themes, my new website is finally finished! It contains lots of University work that never got posted up on here, so I heartily encourage you to check it out! If you hover over the ‘Portfolio’ tab a series of sub-menus will appear that will take you to whatever artwork you wish to view, whether it be comics, children’s illustrations, or fan art – many of which I’ve yet to post on here – be sure when scrolling down through the pages you give the theme time to load up all the images :)

There are links to the facebook page and twitter page (to which I’ve relinquished control over to the site’s mascot; Cosmo Cat – be sure to follow him for arty updates from myself, and other artists I follow) as well as links to my deviantART, Instagram and of course, right here at Q.U.A.R.C.S! I’d like to thank all of you who have ‘followed’ me from when I started this blog back in 2009, your support and encouragement has been a great motivator so far, and any love for these new site’s would be gratefully received!


You can find the new website here: – just give it a click! :3c

WIDTL - logo (super small white)
WIDTL twitter logo (super small)



Project: Rooftop – Shadowman

PR Shadowman (Chris Saunders)

The most recent P:R redesign contest theme was Shadowman, a superhero from the Valiant Comics universe, with super human powers based on voodoo concepts and magic (you can learn more about the character from clicking the link on his name to take you to the corresponding Wiki page) – the series even spawned a successful game on the N64, where the character was re-imagined as a guy with sunglasses and a skull-like mask protruding from his bare chest (this is the version I remember) – the original was very 80’s, with long black hair  and a rock musician background (think The Crow, only less goth…) but the new design is pretty cool, with an all black SWAT-gear type costume and skull face-paint.

I wanted to keep this voodoo priest/skull look for my design, and extended it to a full head and neck job (partially inspired by my brother’s recent halloween costume) but I went even further by changing his whole costume into a voodoo-doll type thing, complete with ‘pins’, which are actually spears, knives and gauntlets made to appear that way. My design suggests his powers have become more magic-based too, as he can paralyse his opponents by muttering a special incantation, and plunging a ‘pin’ into a limb of his choice, disabling his enemy, but not himself (except when he pushes one into his heart – this will kill his target, but leave him comatose and vulnerable for days afterwards – only to be used in one-on-one fights) – this particular magic will only work when he is in possession of something previously owned by his victim (like hair for example).

Another thing he can do is wrap himself completely in his costume for protection/regeneration (this would come in particularly handy if he’d just pulled the pin-to-the-heart move) – this was meant to encourage the spooky voodoo-doll look, but I can’t help but feel it reminds me of The Scarecrow for Batman Begins… damn. The diamond shaped belt buckle is a simplified version of his logo, removing the man shape, but keeping the ‘3 horns of Bosou’ – perhaps suggesting a departure from humanity maybe…? (deep)

So this was fun, and ever since i’ve been working my ass off… I’ve got a day off tomorrow, but I have numerous commissions to do before I can draw anything I actually WANT to draw, and as it’s almost International Gift Exchange Day (or Christmas as you Christians like to call it) I’d better get on with them, as I need the money – no rest for the wicked as they say -sigh-

Tablet-style Menu Design for Tenpin Bowling

Well the title says it all really – I got commissioned by Tenpin Wrexham to design them an A4 sized menu that could be laminated and given to customers at reception to carry around with them. When I thought about large, thin shiny things that people hold in their hands the idea of an Tablet-themed design popped into my head, and when it was mentioned to the manager he loved it… so here it is:

Click the image to get a bigger, better view – the text looks small on screen, but I printed out a few prototypes to make sure it was readable. Obviously to create the tablet look from scratch would have taken me forever, and to be honest I’m not sure my technical skills are quite there yet, so I used a free template for the shell. The menu options are set up like ‘apps’, with an image representing the food or drink itself as an icon, and text describing what it is to the right of it. The images used in this are also free vectors, but that was due to time constraints – I think if I were to have designed my own, I would have gone with white silhouettes/symbols for  a slightly more uniform look, but luckily because of the individual-developer-nature of apps it still works fine as a cohesive design. The back of the menu features other promotions that are meant to look like stickers that have been stuck on to personalise the tablet (like school kids might do with Hello Kitty or Pokemon stickers). I’m really pretty pleased with the overall design, and so was the client 🙂

I also did this little blackboard design for the shooters they’ve got available. Nothing special really, only took my a couple of hours, I used markers they supplied – it was quite fun actually. This is a bit of a crappy photo though – about time I upgraded my phone I think!