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New Website!

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After lots of putting it off, and struggling with themes, my new website is finally finished! It contains lots of University work that never got posted up on here, so I heartily encourage you to check it out! If you hover over the ‘Portfolio’ tab a series of sub-menus will appear that will take you to whatever artwork you wish to view, whether it be comics, children’s illustrations, or fan art – many of which I’ve yet to post on here – be sure when scrolling down through the pages you give the theme time to load up all the images :)

There are links to the facebook page and twitter page (to which I’ve relinquished control over to the site’s mascot; Cosmo Cat – be sure to follow him for arty updates from myself, and other artists I follow) as well as links to my deviantART, Instagram and of course, right here at Q.U.A.R.C.S! I’d like to thank all of you who have ‘followed’ me from when I started this blog back in 2009, your support and encouragement has been a great motivator so far, and any love for these new site’s would be gratefully received!


You can find the new website here: – just give it a click! :3c

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Tattoo Designs

My Mum asked me to design a tattoo for her birthday (which was some time ago I might add) and after a few failed attempts, I came up with one I liked, and now just need her approval. She wanted four hearts, (one for Dad, and one for each son) arranged in some organic way. I’m sticking them up here because A) Why not and B) I can just send her one link instead of two meaty attachments – neato gang.

Here’s the one I liked best, followed by a slightly more detailed black and grey version (they do shading in tattoo parlours right?) followed by a two-colour example if she wanted colour (can’t remember!) 

And here are some simplified versions of the same design (the lower two) – personally I like the bottom best, but then if you were to colour the first pages design entirely black, you’d have a hard time telling them apart anyway. The design on the very top was the one that inspired the others, but I feared it was too spikey for mum’s tastes… that, and it has every tattoo cliché ever…

And now we wait and see. Also, I’m going to post a previous tattoo design I did for a girl back home, as I was really pleased with it, but she never got back to me on whether she used the design, or even LIKED it, so I feel like it needs a little more love…