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Defective Comics

The Carrot Crusader made it into print! My strip, as well as the other excellent comic strips by my fellow illustrators Ted, Andrew, Will, Daisy, Rosy, Adele, Charlie, Heather and James are finally available for purchase in the form of a collective anthology known as ‘Defective Comics’ (the name was Heather’s idea I believe, nice one Heather) – details on how to buy will follow in an edit as soon as I know what the arrangements are.

**EDIT** Thanks to the tireless efforts of Mister Ted, the comic is available here:    – buy! Buy! BUYY!!

The comic didn’t do amazingly well at the Thought Bubble comic convention that it was initially intended for, but really, with the massive (and admittedly far superior) competition it would have had there, it’s pretty impressive that we managed to sell any at all, and I’d like to express my thanks to the brave souls who manned the Glyndwr University table, as due to an (extreme) lack of finances, I was unable to attend and help out – thanks guys 🙂 (EXTREME!!)

Below are some photo’s of the finished comic, printed en masse and relatively cheaply, at the Newspaper Club – why not have a gander, you’re here anyway…

As you can see by the final photo, we also had a series of more light-hearted gag-strips in the centre, as a break from the ‘Certainly Officer…’ recurring theme. We each had to draw  a short strip featuring anything we liked – my particular favourites are Daisy’s, Rosy’s and James’ particularly brilliant ‘Chicken Comics’… where the hell DID that chicken go?
Anyway, here’s mine:

The Carrot Crusader – Thought Bubble 2011

As previously mentioned in my Apish Advertisements post, this year a few of my fellow classmates and I are entering Thought Bubble, the Leeds based comic convention, with a anthology of comic fun called Defective Comics (I think credit goes to Heather for the name) – a series of two page stories all starting with the sentence “Certainly Officer, my memory is hazy, but it went like this” – or in my case, something very similar 😛

After struggling with a heavy cold, staying up very late and missing a few parties, I’ve finished my entry, and dis how it goes….

As always, click to embiggen, warning, file size may be laaaaarge!
Anyway, I’m really pleased with how this came out, it was a series of firsts for me, as despite being in a Graphic Novel course for 2 years so far, I’ve yet to actually FINISH a comic until now, and although my digital colouring skills have improved a lot recently, I’ve never successfully added text to anything before – the latter could still need some improvement, as it was mostly trial and error, but like I say – very pleased 🙂

As I did all my stages on different sheets, I actually have physical evidence of my working process this time, so I’ve scanned it in for those who are interested, and for anyone who would like to see the final colours minus the text (warning, files are even BIGGER than the last two!)