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The INCREDIBLE Affair! (slightly NSFW)

I thought it would be fun to inject a bit of soap drama into the world of The Incredibles – in this case; lonely housewife with huge booty hooks up with the smooth talking, wealthy best friend of her husband… and he’s black! Scandalous.

This enabled me to express my slight crush on Mrs Incredible in an enjoyably crude way, and squeeze in a meme too – fun stuff. For those interested, the picture of Helen Parr was largely copied from a photo of Coco Austin, who’samazing ridiculous figure is the nearest I think it’s possible to get to the body shape of Elastigirl without actually having some kind of disfigurement.

See the other great Incredibles entries for last week’s Lines Of Work here!


“The Vesper”

This one was for the Lines Of Work tumblr, that weeks theme being James Bond to celebrate it’s upcoming release (By the way, if you haven’t seen Skyfall yet you really should, it’s awesome) – follow the link to check out the other entries!
Tried a few things with lettering this time, including a failed attempt to squeeze the lettering into a Martini-shaped speech bubble – it didn’t work, but it’s all a learning experience right?

The idea behind this piece is inspired by my own reaction to this particular scene in 2006’s James Bond prequel Casino Royale, in which Bond manages to both intimidate his poker-playing nemesis by ordering a rather grand drink, and impress the glamorous girl by naming it after her. True, it’s a great scene, but as someone who’s worked behind a bar, all I could think was… what a pretentious prick!

Just to make it clear, I think Casino Royale is a brilliant film, and Daniel Craig actually makes a great Bond, just next time, keep the cocktail simple ok? Or order a beer for gods sake 😛


Here be a picture of Ultraman that I drew for our (and by ‘our’ I mean some of my fellow Glyndwr Universtity post-grad chums) new Tumblr ‘Lines Of Work’ which you can find by following the link. In pretty much the exact same way as the WeDrawStuff blog, this is a little project to keep us fresh, keep us drawing, and keep us in contact with each other, and is updated fortnightly with a new theme – this week’s being ‘Superman Villains’


I’m really pleased with this piece – having never drawn Supes before I found that I suddenly REALLY wanted to, so to keep with the theme I chose the evil alternate version of Superman, ‘Ultraman’, and after a quick google search chose this costume as my favourite (there were a few variants). I went very heavy on the shadows with this one, and in someways not heavy enough – the idea was to keep the character as clean and simple as possible to help with the monotone colour scheme I had in mind, but by adding so many small shadows I’ve gone a long way to highlight my slightly dodgy idea of superhero anatomy… perhaps a flatter shadow would have done a better job to cover this up. All the same, I think it actually looks great, and the city background and slightly art-deco like font really help tie it all together. I’d like to make this into a tee, but I’m not sure that I’d be allowed :/


It’s the tail-end of a Sunday, so it must be time for my WeDrawStuff entry! *backflip*

This weeks theme was simply ‘Aliens’, so I used it as an excuse to draw Zim and GIR from Invader Zim, possibly the greatest cartoon in the history of cartoons. Created by twisted mind of Jhohen Vasquez (Johnny The Homicidal maniac, Squee, Filler Bunny) Invader Zim was dark, crazy and totally messed up – I loved it 🙂 Sadly for us, apparently Vasquez ended up hating the animation process so much, he said he’d never do it again – a great loss to the idiot box 😦

So this is my tribute – why it’s taken me until now to draw them, I’ve no idea…

For those of you poor souls who aren’t already familiar with Zim, here’s a taster:

Self-promotional Postcards

First week back at Uni and we are set a week long brief – which would have been fine and dandy if I hadn’t taken most of the week to decide what to actually draw… >.< However, after 4 days of random scribbles I realised that, rather than trying to come up with an image full of new characters, why not raid the countless folders I already have FULL of old characters, hardly any of which are online on ether here or my Deviantart page, and if no-one can see them, what was the point?

I decided to redraw an old character of mine, Wikken, a young witch, and her cat Cromwell, as I always found them fun to draw, and it’s about time they got some attention. I also decided to feature her older brother Remus (might change his name to avoid potter-heads) his familiar Hemmingway and The King Of Cats, a pesky deity who likes to follow Wikken and Cromwell around (but not in a creepy way…) – this is where I made my SECOND mistake – adding so many characters made the picture, and the layers of the picture, so much more complicated… I should have kept it clean and simple. Rounding off the characters is H.E.X, a mystic orb containing the spirits of Wikken’s Aunt (Helena) and 2 Uncles (Edgar and Xander) who acts as a tutor/guide to the mystic arts for the young witch. H.E.X’s members represent three different elements (Air, Fire and Earth respectively) and I use different colours to represent this, thereby giving me three different coloured postcard variations.

Despite being up until half 5 in the morning finishing it due to early indecision and bad planning, I’m really pleased with the finished piece – I got it to my tutor within the deadline, AND posted it up on the WeDrawStuff blog before the start of the next week – go me 🙂

Final Postcard Designs 




A finally, all three finished designs together (click to embiggen, and to restore colours to their original design – WordPress does something weird with the colours of CMYK files)

During my first designs of these characters, Helena had a blue colour scheme, but this made her look to me like her element should be Water, so I changed it to yellow here with a bit of blue to represent a sunny sky. I also did another version with even more blue on, but I can’t decide what looks best – please let me know which one you prefer…

And finally, I’ll just include the line-work for Remus and the King Of Cats, and some of the original designs for Wikken that I must have done about 6 or 7 years ago so you can see how much (or how little?) my style has changed 🙂

Olympic Mascot

Some peeps on my course had taken some initiative over the summer and banded together to create a joint blog entitled WeDrawStuff – as soon as I saw it I thought it was a brilliant idea and I wanted in… which makes it a total mystery as to why it took me ALL SUMMER to join. Anyway, eventually join I did, and if you follow the link, there I am. unfortunately for me, I requested membership at the exact time they were experiencing a lull in ideas for the weekly topic, and therefore as part of my initiation, I not only had to come up with a topic, but also a banner to go atop the blog, to provide a theme. This was a little more than I had bargained for, but I eventually decided that what I would most like to do, is to redesign the London 2012 Olympic Mascots,  Wenlock and Mandeville (who you can find out more about here) because I hate them. Well, ‘hate’ is a little strong, I don’t hate the designs, I think they are very bland and unimaginative designs that any first year Uni student could some up with – what I ‘hate’ about them is that SOMEONE got PAID to design them! Grrr!

So anyway, first thing first, I had to design a banner. As our countries International reputation was at stake, I went for a parody of the famous YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU World War 1 posters featuring Lord Kitchener, except with a moody teenager version of Britannia instead (I have no idea why I made her moody…) giving the finger, rather than pointing with one…

Original Photoshop colours – Illustration features Headphone Helmet, Feathered Eyelashes, Olympic Ring armbands and a Cher Lloyd inspired hair-do

Lord Kitchener  style poster – I had to re-arrange the lettering for the blog’s banner

The Original

Next came the task of designing the new Mascots themselves. The little praise the original Wenlock and Mandeville DID gain, were that they avoided any cliché’s – but when you’re looking for something to represent your country, I don’t think you SHOULD avoid clichés – you need familiar symbols and colours that people can rally behind and support – do you think if you told New Yorker’s they couldn’t use the Statue Of Liberty to represent their city as it was a massive cliché that they’d actually LISTEN to you?! Of course not! So I went with two animals that (despite one of them being a native african) are the definition of BRITISH – a Lion and a Bulldog. I had initially toyed with the idea of two native british animals, such as a fox and a badger, but they are very much country animals, and the Olympics will be in the middle of London, so if I wanted to go with relevant animals, I would have had to pick a Pigeon and a Rat, and I didn’t see how that would work (although if you visit the WeDrawStuff bog, you’ll see that Daisy managed to make it work just fine!) so I started with the lion character…

As you can see, designing the lion character proved the most problematic (click to enlarge), but after that the characters just spilled out of me….

Mandeville: Energetic Lion always keen to prove himself, he takes part in the running, relay, jumping and cycling events

Wenlock: Muscle-bound Bulldog who despite his gruff exterior, is a real team player. He’s a keen wrestler and takes part in the fighting, lifting and throwing events

Britanni: Graceful Spirit of Great Britain, who is determined and focused, and whose kind and caring nature often has to make way for the fiery temper she needs to employ to keep her pets Wenlock and Mandeville from being TOO competitive. She takes part in the dance, gymnastics and swimming events.

So there you have it, all three mascots. I decided to keep the names Wenlock and Mandeville, as they weren’t bad names, with good origins (see Wenlock and Mandeville link above for more details) and besides, Much Wenlock is right next to where I used to live, so it had sentimental value for me. I also kept the Olympic-Rings-as-arm-bands idea from the original design, as other than the names, they were the only part I actually liked. The third character Britanni (I really hate that name, but it works so well) was simply a way to tie everything together, and provide a ‘little girl friendly’ mascot that could be bought alongside the more macho Wenlock and Mandeville, pleasing a bigger audience, and creating more money for me muhahah! The final image of them all together is below, featuring a whole bunch of new tricks I’ve just learned on Photoshop, and I’m really pleased with it 🙂