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Saunders Bros. Animation

We Saunders’ are a creative bunch, and whilst I took Illustration at University, my two younger brothers did Animation instead – now Jon’s put his final animation on Youtube, I thought I’d share both his, and James’ from a few years ago up for your viewing pleasure – enjoy!

Jon Saunders



James Saunders



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Knights Of The Round: The Dark Knight

It’s round two of the Knights Of The Round Tumblr competition, and this round’s theme is ‘Dark Knights’ in honour of the release of The Dark Knight Rises (which is excellent by the way, go see it if you haven’t already). Your illustration didn’t HAVE to include Batman; it could have featured a dark knight of any kind, but how many chances do you get to draw ole Batsy eh?

Be sure to check out the other great entries on the Tumblr, maybe even give Round 3 a go when it comes by šŸ™‚

Vampire Vocations and Lycan Livelihoods

A little collection of unusual orĀ inappropriateĀ employment opportunities for the undead or unfed, taken from Ye Olde Sketchbook.

Werewolf office guy

Vampire DentistĀ 

Werewolf Postman

Vampire Doctor

Werewolf Astronaut

These were a lot of fun to draw, andĀ IĀ could quite happily draw them all day, but i must press on with Ā the actual story now. By uploading them on here though, I keep them safe from the abuse my sketchbookĀ receivesĀ on a daily basis. Just before I go, here’s a werewolf driving a car. Just because.

How I’m feeling right now…


I have a cold. Woe is me šŸ˜¦

Mum’s Birthday

(reasonably) Quick cartoon for my Mum as a birthday card (I had a play around with different effects for a while longer than could be considered sensible…) – It’s a bit late now, but I hope she likes it šŸ™‚

Note: No Chris’ were harmed in the making of this card