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The Carrot Crusader – When Bananas Go Bad!

Carrot Crusader cover (blog)


Ok try not to get TOO excited, it’s just a cover – and a fake one at that (although I’ll make the comic some day) but when I found out about #CreatorOwnedDay on twitter, I just had to join in, so I knocked this up.
Creator Owned Day was a good way for everyone to show off their own original characters/comics, and as an aspiring comic book artist, it seemed like a waste to just let it pass by – there was some very interesting work about – try the hashtag yourself to see if anything you like pops up


“WKAC?” Cover Art

Quick post to show what I’ve been working on over the last couple of days – this week is now COLOUR week. It’s taken me forever and a day to ink my pages, but I’m confident they will all be coloured within the week (what this says about my digital colouring skills is debatable)…

So, here’s the final(ish) front cover of the comic I’ll be handing in for this semesters assessment: “Who Killed Artie Choke?” – a superhero whodunnit with a vegetable cast

I’m pleased with it at the moment, but as I said, another week to go yet, so I might make some alterations to the fonts/image size etc  – PANIC STATIONS EVERYONE!!