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“What Time is it…? Valen-Time!”

Valen-Time! (blog)This year’s Valentines Day card for my other half was inspired by Adventure Time, the greatest cartoon to have ever existed – Mathematical!

This is somehow my first ever fan-art for AT – I’d just like to add that as a English fan, it was REALLY hard to not add an ‘S’ to the end of ‘Math’, but I hear it in Finn’s voice, and it just wouldn’t have sounded right… also my real Totoro hat is blue, but it would have clashed too much with the sky, so artistic licence y’all.

There’s a couple of in-jokes in the background you probably won’t get, but don’t worry about it, just enjoy :)

(click to enlarge)


As a romantic/creative type, I always like to go that little bit extra for those I care about, and this year it could be said that I went a little over-board. Lucy’s always been in love with Paris, and her recent trip has done nothing to quash that – unfortunately as a struggling artist, it will be some time before I can afford to take her. To make up for this, I decided to recreate a Parisian Cafe in our living room – the little table, white table cloth, candles wine and food were easy enough, and I found some music on Youtube (literally called French Cafe Music I think), but I wasn’t done there. Out flat has a little balcony, and I thought it would be fun if I created a silhouette of The Eiffel Tower, and hung it outside so it would look like a view onto the real tower… it seemed so simple in my head…

The first thing was to cut out the actual tower. I went begging at my local Tesco for a large sheet of cardboard, but apparently they don’t DO stuff in big boxes these days (hmm) and after a brief panic, I found a stash of A4 black card and got to work. The tower would need to be about 130cm tall to fit between the railing of our balcony, and the floor of the one above it, so I found a vector of the Eiffel Tower (thanks google) and set it out like this:

effielEach coloured block is the same dimensions as an A4 piece of paper, so this not only shows how many pieces you’ll need, but what you should be cutting out on each piece – simple right? Well… not exactly. The theory worked fine, and aside from the fact that I was working too quickly to bother with rulers and actual measurements, the tower ended up being pretty straight. The problem was that even though it’s got quite an iconic outline, it doesn’t really LOOK like the Eiffel Tower until you can see all the frame work, so I had to cut out MANY a little triangle…
Sometime later, I ended up with this:

eiffel photo

See? Not bad eh? Of course, foreshortening does it no favours here (it was pretty long), and there’s a lot of tape on it – but that didn’t matter, because phase two involved using yet more tape to stick our Christmas Tree lights behind it to make it light up… and it worked pretty well too! Getting it to hang of the balcony by myself was a bit of a mission, but in the end it looked like this:

eiffel glow

(photo taken by Lucy Benson via Instagram)

…and I was very pleased with the results – and more importantly, Lucy loved it 🙂 Now, a cynic might say “pffft, this guy’s just showing off” and frankly, you’d be right.


Book Bags

Last week Printer John (this is his actual name) came in and set those of us that were interested a short brief; to create an illustration to go on the front of some new Glyndwr book bags for the university. The design he showed us as an example was just a simple ‘g’ from the Glyndwr logo, but as it inspired a similar idea of my own, I thought I’d give it a go…

Glyndwr University logo

 Original Linework

 Printable Version

The black was meant to make it clearer that the shape the books make is a ‘g’ but the image loses a lot of the finer detail – of course, this is meant to be a screen-print design, so it could be that even now the linework is too fine, but as I’ve only ever screen-printed on paper, I’m not sure how well it comes across on material… or come to think of it, exactly what material the book bags will be made of! I thought maybe they might be Canvas bags, so I knocked up a few prototypes, this time in red…

Red Design on Canvas

Inverted Design

Finished Product Mock-Up (Canvas bag photo found here)

Looking at it from a distance like that, I’m quite pleased with the finished design, it’s simple, but links with the University as a brand, and the books are an indication of both education in general, and the actual contents. It’s not particularly imaginative, but it does the job.

John never set a deadline for this project, so if I have time, maybe I’ll try a more… alternative design. We’ll see.