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The INCREDIBLE Affair! (slightly NSFW)

I thought it would be fun to inject a bit of soap drama into the world of The Incredibles – in this case; lonely housewife with huge booty hooks up with the smooth talking, wealthy best friend of her husband… and he’s black! Scandalous.

This enabled me to express my slight crush on Mrs Incredible in an enjoyably crude way, and squeeze in a meme too – fun stuff. For those interested, the picture of Helen Parr was largely copied from a photo of Coco Austin, who’samazing ridiculous figure is the nearest I think it’s possible to get to the body shape of Elastigirl without actually having some kind of disfigurement.

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Mum’s Birthday

(reasonably) Quick cartoon for my Mum as a birthday card (I had a play around with different effects for a while longer than could be considered sensible…) – It’s a bit late now, but I hope she likes it 🙂

Note: No Chris’ were harmed in the making of this card