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“The Vesper”

This one was for the Lines Of Work tumblr, that weeks theme being James Bond to celebrate it’s upcoming release (By the way, if you haven’t seen Skyfall yet you really should, it’s awesome) – follow the link to check out the other entries!
Tried a few things with lettering this time, including a failed attempt to squeeze the lettering into a Martini-shaped speech bubble – it didn’t work, but it’s all a learning experience right?

The idea behind this piece is inspired by my own reaction to this particular scene in 2006’s James Bond prequel Casino Royale, in which Bond manages to both intimidate his poker-playing nemesis by ordering a rather grand drink, and impress the glamorous girl by naming it after her. True, it’s a great scene, but as someone who’s worked behind a bar, all I could think was… what a pretentious prick!

Just to make it clear, I think Casino Royale is a brilliant film, and Daniel Craig actually makes a great Bond, just next time, keep the cocktail simple ok? Or order a beer for gods sake 😛

Pictures For Lucy 03 – Eastenders Special

Almost caught up on my freebie backlog now – here’s the latest completion, an Eastenders themed birthday/anniversary card for the missus – the lovely miss Lucy Benson 🙂 x (she’s the one in the middle… on the top image – I’m not dating Ian Beale… although his tramp beard was hot as hell…)