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Lobster Johnson

Here’s my entry for this week’s theme – Hellboy characters that aren’t Hellboy! Linky McLink



Lobster Johnson – not really sure who he is, but Wiki tells me he’s part of the Hellboy comic roster, and as far as I’m concerned he has one of the coolest superhero names going.


I’ve drawn him a little ‘squatter’ than I usually go with superheroes, and I can’t make up my mind whether I like it or not… I went for simple blocky colour job though, I quite like that 🙂

I’ve been either working, drunk or hungover for the last couple of days… I can’t seem to stop eating… urkk.




Here be a picture of Ultraman that I drew for our (and by ‘our’ I mean some of my fellow Glyndwr Universtity post-grad chums) new Tumblr ‘Lines Of Work’ which you can find by following the link. In pretty much the exact same way as the WeDrawStuff blog, this is a little project to keep us fresh, keep us drawing, and keep us in contact with each other, and is updated fortnightly with a new theme – this week’s being ‘Superman Villains’


I’m really pleased with this piece – having never drawn Supes before I found that I suddenly REALLY wanted to, so to keep with the theme I chose the evil alternate version of Superman, ‘Ultraman’, and after a quick google search chose this costume as my favourite (there were a few variants). I went very heavy on the shadows with this one, and in someways not heavy enough – the idea was to keep the character as clean and simple as possible to help with the monotone colour scheme I had in mind, but by adding so many small shadows I’ve gone a long way to highlight my slightly dodgy idea of superhero anatomy… perhaps a flatter shadow would have done a better job to cover this up. All the same, I think it actually looks great, and the city background and slightly art-deco like font really help tie it all together. I’d like to make this into a tee, but I’m not sure that I’d be allowed :/

Knights Of The Round: The Dark Knight

It’s round two of the Knights Of The Round Tumblr competition, and this round’s theme is ‘Dark Knights’ in honour of the release of The Dark Knight Rises (which is excellent by the way, go see it if you haven’t already). Your illustration didn’t HAVE to include Batman; it could have featured a dark knight of any kind, but how many chances do you get to draw ole Batsy eh?

Be sure to check out the other great entries on the Tumblr, maybe even give Round 3 a go when it comes by 🙂