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Tea Time with the Tricloptipus


Hooray, the Tricloptipi of Nebula Oblongata have finally surrendered and the war is over! Cosmo-Cat has been sent in to negotiate a peace treaty, but first he needs to negotiate the traditional mug of peace-time-tea past his space helmet…




Here’s yesterdays quick-doodle-that-got-out-of-hand: a robotic Werewolf that I have dubbed ‘The Gearwolf‘ – as far as I’m aware, while there may be other robot-werewolves out there, this is the first one to be paired with that name, so before it get’s nicked remember, you heard it here first folks.

This does tie loosely to my current project, and while I did spend far too much time on it, it has inspired me into what I’m hoping could become my final story draft – look out for more robot were-wolves here in the future, albeit less complicated/more child friendly ones.

Lucy Doodles!

Lucy does these great little doodles that make absolutely no sense and I love them. I usually file them away for safe keeping, and then can’t find where I’ve filed them – so before they are forever lost into the abyss that is my paperwork draw, I thought I’d share the most recent batch with y’all 🙂