Joe Madureira

Another Comic Book Hero of mine is the ever impressive Mr Joe Madureira. He started an internship into Marvel comics at only 16 years of age, and by 17 he was a professional comic book artist working on the ‘Excalibur’ X-Men series british-set spin-off. What a spawny git! For a while he did a stint on the X-men themselves, and that’s how i know him…

…This is about where I came in. I’ve been a fan of manga and anime all my life, and it’s clear from the crisp lines, and thin, angular figures that they were for Joe too (especially in his earlier work). He left comics for a while after pursuing his own projects, and went into game design – but I think Joe’s style is so dynamic, it easily fits both mediums.

Check it out! Turtles! :O

These days he’s back to comics, and a few years ago was the pencil-pioneer for the ‘Ultimates‘ series from the alternative Marvel Universe: The Ultimate Universe (creative name no?)

The colour on these really make the image pop – but you lose some of Madureira’s linework, which is, quite frankly, amazing. Also, they’ve taken Valkyrie’s winged-horse out completely of the first one… which seems a shame – I rather like it…


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One response to “Joe Madureira”

  1. Andy says :

    Totally agree joe mad is AWESOME! battle chasers Darksiders he just rocks!

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